Boeing 777X Review


Folding raked wingtip

The Future of Flight Unfolding

Simple design enables compatibility
The 777X’s folding raked wingtip and optimized span deliver greater efficiency, significant fuel savings and complete airport gate compatibility.


New GE9X engine

The world’s next great engine
The 777X will be powered by the most advanced, fuel-efficient commercial aircraft engine ever built. Designed specifically for the 777X, the all-new GE9X engine features extraordinarily efficient core technology and a composite fan optimized for the 777X.

A new passenger experience

Advancing the Passenger-Preferred Interior

The luxurious 777X Cabin
The cabin interior of the 777X is inspired by the 787 Dreamliner and will include larger windows, a wider cabin, new lighting and enhanced architecture.

New composite high-span wing

All-new high-efficiency composite wing

Completely optimized wingspan
The 777X’s revolutionary design and composite wing make-up allow it to stretch the limits of span beyond any competing aircraft.

Technical Specification



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