Careers in Mechanical Engineering

You keep on hearing a common line that “Mechanical engineering is an evergreen field of engineering”. There are several aspects to this statement as applied to the fields it caters and the job opportunities associated with the mechanical engineering.

The career and job opportunities are not limited to just one field or sector. There is a pool of opportunities in terms of sectors in which mechanical engineering is applied. I will guide you through the most admired fields of the mechanical engineering and you can think of a career in it.

Sectors or Fields in Mechanical Engineering:

There are several sectors under mechanical engineering and there is no limit to its applications. You can find a list of some of the common sectors in mechanical engineering that provides a rewarding career.

Aerospace & Defence: There is a notion that aerospace sector is for aeronautical engineers as it is applicable to their field. But this is just a myth. If you look closely at the aircraft, you will relate it to the structure you study in mechanical engineering. No doubt that Aerospace sector is the most refined sector of mechanical engineering as you work with very high precisions and very less margins to keep your structure light. As a mechanical engineer you can apply your mechanics of solids, drawing study and theories which you study during your course but in an advanced fashion. There are sub categories to aerospace engineering or aeronautical engineering like structures, aerodynamics, stability and control, avionics, flight mechanics etc. You may opt for any field that interests you more to have a rewarding career.


aerospace engineering
aerospace engineering

Automobile: If you are fascinated by those high performance cars or with those having some great rugged and off-road capabilities, so automobile engineering or automotive engineering is the sector which you should opt for. Designing an automobile is no cake walk. It takes immense knowledge of design and manufacturing to finalize a product. You can apply your theories to give a final shape to your design. It is obvious that only theories are not enough, you need to have some practical exposure to the related field. Here you can work in any of the field you love the most like structures, aerodynamics, engines, on-board computers and sensors, system design, transmission etc.


automobile engineering

Turbomachinery: Ever saw those big aircraft engines rotating or those small pumps raising water to your water tanks placed on the terrace. It’s all about the turomachinery or commonly known as rotating equipment. It is one of the complex engineering as you have to counter multi-axial loading while designing a rotating equipment. If you have that zeal to deal with those big fans, propellers, impellers, shafts, turbines, compressors, then you must opt turbomachinery as your career.



Heavy Engineering and Construction: Looking at those big earth movers, cranes at construction sites gives an another dimension to the field of mechanical engineering. These massive equipment are the part of mechanical engineering where you work with higher margins due to the nature of work. Here you majorly deals with the hydraulics, actuators, proper gripping of the machine, stability and control, digging equipment etc. So if you want to carve a career in construction and heavy engineering, then start researching more about this field.


heavy engineering and construction

General Engineering: When it comes to general engineering then there are several streams to cater. It may be boilers, gears, furniture, conveyor, belts, pulleys, plants, lights, robotics, mechatronics etc. There is a wide scope to this segment. It is mix of all the trades you study and its applications are focused to a particular domain. It all depends on you which stream you want to work in as there is immense potential in each and every domain.


general engineering


Aerospace/Aeronautical, Automobile/Automotive, Turbomachinery/Rotating Equipments, Heavy Engineering & Construction and General Engineering are some of the fields in mechanical engineering where you can make your career as per your interest. Though there are many more fields under mechanical engineering which you can research more. My objective was to give you a foretaste of the fields in this sector of engineering.

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